Revenue-Capturing Website Secrets for Entrepreneurial Physicians

Module 5: The Law of Attraction — Using your website to get the attention, interest and desire of your specific prospective clients. Part 2

Video 1 – Module 5 course work

Irresistible Offers Video

Homework for Module 5:

  1. Find 5-10 competitor websites (or those offering something similar, and make notes about the following:
    • What is their Irresistible Offer (if they even have one)?
    • How obvious and compelling is it?
    • How “sticky” does their website seem to be using our criteria?
    • What evidence is there to suggest that they are ready to engage in a longer term online relationship? How easy do they make it for you?
  2. Decide on your Irresistible Offer
  3. Map out the steps to creating it – An outline of the content? A format?
  4. Keep notes on all of the above for your web developer.

Websites referenced in the module: