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You are about to try out Module Number 1 of “Revenue-Capturing Website Secrets for Entrepreneurial Physicians” at no risk at all to yourself. See if it works for you … if you think you are going to learn anything useful.

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In addition, if along the way during the remaining weeks of the course, you decide you no longer want to subscribe, you will easily be able to cancel your monthly subscription and OWE NOTHING FURTHER.

But I’m sure you’ll be able to harvest real pearls of wisdom AND work on having a truly business-winning site built for you. I wouldn’t have spent the time and effort creating “Revenue-Capturing Website Secrets for Entrepreneurial Physicians” if I didn’t think it would save you from spending thousands of dollars on a website that doesn’t add any real tangible value to your business. And I won’t rest until I have truly earned your business!

Just to be clear, as a subscriber, you will be receiving a new Program module every week, for 12 weeks. However, you will only be charged every month — that is your credit card will automatically be billed $97 every 4 weeks starting at the end of this first week. There will be a total of three (3) charges of $97 each for the entire 12-week course.


Not a bad investment for saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars spent on a non-producing website in an age where having a great presence on the Internet really matters! Wouldn’t you agree?

In addition, please look out for these emails with the modules. Each will start with [PWS Course]. Be sure to white-list our email address [philippa@entrepreneurialmd.com] so that you do not accidentally discard or lose the information you are paying for!


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